MXM Company Profile


In February 1995, China and the U.S signed A Cooperative Agreement on the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Technology Development and Utilization. Jiangsu Simpson New Energy Co., Ltd. became one of the first nominated enterprises to promote American GSHP (Ground Source Heat Pump). Over past decade, the company had acquired more than 20 patent rights and had been identified by the National Technical Achievements. The company had been honored the title of National High-Tech Enterprise.It's brand has been a national key protected brand.

时代在发展,新能源利用的技术,范围日新月异。为了不断提升公司产品的技术创新,为了学习,研发更先进的技术应用,为了进一步拓展更广泛的市场,公司于 2016 年决定设立美国分公司并于2016年3月在美国加州成立 MXM International.lnc

With the development of the era, new energy utilization technology change rapidly. In order to improve the technology innovation, develop more advanced technology and further expand the broader market, the company decided to set up a branch in the United States in 2016. Then in March 2016, MXM International.lnc was founded in California.


The Company's Groups


R&D of Technology Application


To respectively research corresponding evaluation and develop cooperative institutions for different modules of the whole integrated systems of the parent company in China. Through the discussion and cooperation, the advancement of the company's product technology will be improved and enhanced, laying a good foundation for the international market.


General Merchandise Trade


MXM international Inc. will use domestic resources to carry out general merchandise trade. Heavy industrial products have long cycles and slow results. In order to maintain the healthy development of American companies, the subsidiary will actively expand the general commodity market in the United States on the basis of China's strong manufacturing capacity.


Industry, Product and Market Analysis

美国有十分充足日照资源,如何将太阳能利用与供水,空调系统组合已成为行业的共同研发目标。MXM 公司将依据美国市场及产品的实际应用状况为(国内)公司新产品研发提供技术参考和方向。

US has abundant sunshine resources, using solar energy in water supply and air conditioning systems has become a common R & D target of the industry. Basing on US market analyses, MXM international Inc. will provide technical advisory and direction to domestic company in this field.

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